About Linnaeus choir

Do you like to sing? Would you like to sing in a student choir in Växjö? Then you have come to the right place, for it is even more fun to sing together! Linnaeus Choir started in autumn 2013 with the purpose to enrich music interested people's lives with choir singing.

The choir is primarily addressed to students at Linnaeus University in Växjö, but it is not a requirement that you must be a student in order to join us singing. Linnaeus choir is a mixed choir, which means that both boys and girls are welcome to join the choir. Joining the choir means beyond that you get to sing nice songs, a great way to meet new people, meet exchange students, and become a part of the community. The choir also aims to collaborate with other choirs, guest artists, and ensembles together to perform joint concerts.

Linnaeus choir work in projects, and therefore the repertoire will be selected for each project. The intention is that all projects will culminate in a concert, a performance, or other minor singing performance. The repertoire is adapted based on the project , and the projects will be mixed from popular music, rock, traditional music, Christmas music and spring songs, to classical music to give the choir a musical width.

Linnaeus The choir is run as a study by Studiefrämjandet's educational association in Växjö and is religious or political affiliations. It is run as a non-profit organization and is of Linnéstudenterna i Växjö approved student organization.

Linnaeus choir rehearses on Tuesdays between the hours 19.00 and 21.00 in the Strindberg hall in F-house .